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Q: How do your photo booths work?
A: Guests will be prompted to start the session from a touch screen display inside the booth. Visual directions and voice commands will guide your guests through the photo session. Prints will automatically print out at the end of the session.

Q: What is the size of your photo booth?
A: The actual photo booth enclosure is 48" wide x 48" long, enough room for two to three adults or more if they really like each other. (We have had up to six adults fit.). The total footprint of the booth is 48" wide x 72" long and it is 78" tall. In addition, room will be needed for a 24" x 32" table for props. If room allows we can offer more props with another 24" x 32" table.

Q: Is there anything special my venue needs to have to accommodate your photo booth?
A: We will need one working 120V, 10 amps, 3 prong outlet electrical outlet close to the booth's location. We will have an extension power cord coming from the tent to the outlet. It will need to be in a safe space so guests do not trip over it. Additionally, our booth needs to be protected from the weather by being either inside or under a tent.

Q: Do we get to keep the photos?
A: Yes. Each session will have one 4x6 sheet with three photos and event logo duplicated on the sheet side by side. The attendant will then cut the sheet in half so two copies of the photos are available. One 4x6 photo sheet will be printed out for each session. A perfect reminder of your special event. Photos will include an event name, date and image pre-selected by the host. (The option of printing two 4x6 sheets with 4 photos each on it is available for an extra charge.)

Q: What type of quality can I expect from your photo booth pictures?
A: We use a 18mp Canon T3i DSLR camera and print with a dye-sublimination printer, which is designed specifically for photos. Our printer prints out two 2"x6" strips in approximately 17 seconds.

Q: What happens if my guests damage or take any of the props?
A: Per the required contract, you will be held liable for any prop or photo booth damage. Charges for missing props will also apply. But, an on-site coordinator will work with the guests to minimize issues. And if it is just a simple repair job to fix the prop we will take care of it. This is just part of the business.

Q: What if I need you to set up your booth hours before I want the booth operating?
A: We are privately owned. We only schedule one rental a day and since it is my husband and I, we can flex to help you have a better event. We can easily set up hours before, leave and come back when your party is happening.

Q: What if there are problems with the booth during our event?
A: We accompany all rentals and stay for the entire event. We am there to ensure smooth operating photo sessions and we do not expect any vendor food or drink from you.

Q: Will the printer run out of ink or paper during my event?
A: Depending on the number of photos taken, printer paper and ink will need to be replaced during the evening. This takes only a few minutes. Per the contract, you are guaranteed that the booth is fully operational 90% of the time, but I haven't had to use that much time ever. Hey, I am a tech and know how to keep things running.

Q: How will the attendants dress for the event?
A: This is up to the client. We can dress from very casual (jeans and a button-down shirt or slacks and a blouse) or very formal (black tie tux and black dress with dressy bolo styled jacket) and in between. We want to make you happy and fit in with your event, so it is your call.